Joining the Club
People eligible for membership shall be anyone interested in the promotion, restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang. To become a member of the Club, a person must fill out the required Membership Application, pay the required annual dues, agree to be bound by the Club’s Bylaws and Code of Conduct, and agree to support the meetings and events of the club.

All applications are reviewed by the Membership Chairman to ensure that required information has been provided, then the Membership Chairman presents each application to the Board of Directors for their consideration and approval. Upon acceptance, each new member shall be issued a membership identification card by the Membership Chairman of the corporation.
Things to Know Before You Join
  • Annual dues shall be $20.00 per year and are nonrefundable. Annual membership dates are determined based on the date the membership is accepted or renewed.
  • A Membership to the club includes the person submitting the application and his/her legally recognized spouse and his/her dependent children under the age of sixteen (16). Children over the age of sixteen (16) shall be required to have their own membership to receive the benefits provided to members.
  • Annual dues may be increased or decreased upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any adjustment in dues will only become effective upon a member’s renewal date.
  • The membership of any regular member can be terminated upon determination by the Board of Directors, or a committee designated to make such determination, that the member has failed in a material and serious degree to observe the Code of Conduct governing this corporation as promulgated by the Board from time to time.​
How to Join (or Renew)
Apply Online and pay your Annual Dues using a credit card.
If you prefer you can complete and mail in the Application for Membership and Code of Conduct forms provided below. Please make checks payable to Bay Area Mustangs, Inc.