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The Bay Area Mustangs (BAM!) is a new social club for Mustang enthusiasts from around the Tampa Bay area. The primary purpose of the club is to promote the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang. To perpetuate this goal, members pay dues, meet monthly, promote car shows, and hold social activities to foster their love for the Ford Mustang.

Activities such as cruises and car shows will be promoted for charitable purposes, and proceeds from any charitable event will be donated to a charity as determined by the Board of Directors.Your Content Goes Here

The foundation of BAM! is based on our Code of Conduct. No drama. Mutual respect for each other, and our belief that we are all family that can share laughs and non-political discussions that are respectful to all.

​No, you don’t have to own a Ford Mustang to be a member of BAM. You just need to be a Ford or Mustang enthusiast. You can come on out and support club events with whatever vehicle you have. You certainly will be welcome!

No, you do not have to live in the Tampa Bay Area or Florida to be a member of BAM. Our club and its activities are based in the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel area of Tampa Bay, but members can live in any location. We welcome all people interested in being a part of BAM!

Dues to become a full member of the Bay Area Mustangs will be $20 a year. SPECIAL OFFER: $15 for the first 100 members who sign up (discount valid for the first year only). Your membership will include a membership card, voting rights as well as planned cruises and events to include private parties. And of course, our monthly newsletter full of informative and fun information.

All memberships are based on the initial date your application is accepted. This becomes your anniversary date and you will receive notice when your renewal is required. With your application, we want you to have the benefit of a full year of fun in BAM!

This is one of our favorite questions. It tells us that you aren’t just a member, but a real enthusiast! There are plenty of ways to become involved in our hobby. You can express an interest in becoming part of the Board, you can offer to help with club events, you can contribute your expertise to those in the club who might benefit from it, and generally help with any set-up or clean-up that is needed. What a great way to make friends!

​Absolutely! We are a family club. When you join, you will receive a membership that includes you and your spouse. Our events are for men, women and families.

The current plan is to have a gathering on the first Thursday of each month. Our event times and locations are displayed on our Calendar page.

​No. We support the other clubs around us. You can be a member of one, or all, of the clubs. We don’t mind at all.

Yes, you can submit an article.

Articles from BAM members are welcome and can be submitted to the Newsletter Editor. Use of articles is at the Editor’s discretion, however we are always looking for opportunities to showcase our members and their Mustangs!

Members of BAM can advertise a business card for free in the BAM Newsletter. Non-members of BAM can advertise business cards for a nominal fee. No advertisements will be allowed for any business that competes with our primary sponsor.

Some of us LOVE to race… but NEVER on public roads. Safety is our number one goal. There are events and venues designed specifically for racing (like NMRA), and we love to go as a club!

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